Frequently Asked Question

1. Who Is Paying The Commission In A Real Estate Transaction?
In Canada it is common for the seller to carry the costs for commission. As a buyer you do not pay a commission. Well not directly! At the end of the day it is taken from the proceeds the buyer pays but does not influence the total amount you are paying. This is neogiated by your and the seller agent.

2. How long will the buying process take?
Anywhere from 1-3 month would be a good window. It will change depending on if you have made your mind up about what you want and how fast the owner or tenants of your future home are able to move out. There might be situations where you will have to move on to look at a different place. A reason could be that the current tenants still have a rental contract for a period of time or the owner is looking to move out earliest in a few month.

3. Where can I do a detailed property search on your website?
Just follow the link "Property Search" and you will get redirected to the search page!